Cloud Video Delivery

As Low as $150 per month/per remote site!  Bulk remote site discounts also available!

Why pay for expensive Satellite or old style DS3 fiber delivery?  Many of the traditional service providers/consultants would make you believe that you need huge/expensive circuits, or satellite uplinks for broadcast video delivery.  That couldn't be further from the truth.  The reason for this is, those are the ways it’s always been done.  As a Broadcaster you’ve probably seen those prices and know how they eat away at your bottom line.  We pride ourselves in constantly thinking outside the box.  Our solutions are just that, outside the “traditional” box.  Engineered by Broadcasters for Broadcast use, we understand the need for innovation, reliability, quality and affordability.

Whether you are looking for a point to point IP connection or point to multi-point connections, we have the resources for every need.  Our delivery methods are proven, scalable and reliable.  All of our CDN sites have multiple redundant carriers, fiber backbones and redundant power sources.  Giving us the ability to offer 99.99% network reliability. We also include 24/7 monitoring of all Multiplex appliances and ISP circuits. Give us a shot and we'll take the headaches out of your video networking and delivery projects.

We use our own proprietary software for error correction.  Uses a two-fold packet correction strategy.  We use both FEC and Retransmission technology to provide the needed packet correction over the public internet.  All our devices connect back to our centralized management/monitoring system, called Multiplex Cloud Connect.  Clients have access to see all their sites in the cloud, and with the ability to change settings and see packet correction stats in one web based location.