Cloud Playout

The evolution of broadcast playout has reached the cloud.  It started with single channel servers with expensive SAN's. Then there were multichannel servers with more expensive SAN's.  Recently it has gone to channel in a box servers, with the ability to cache files to local drives for playout.  Reducing the need for expensive SANs.  We could have accepted that and not thought outside the box.  Not our style.  We have taken it a step further and put it all in the cloud.  We've engineered this platform to be very simple for clients. This is NOT some kind of internet channel service. This is full SD and/or HD broadcast quality playout. We setup and configure all the pieces for you.  All clients need is a internet connection to connect to their cloud channel. We guarantee you will be amazed by this technology.

These are a few benefits of using our Cloud Playout Service:

1. Fraction of the capital cost of standard playout solutions.
2. Stations can now create separate/sub-channels for different regions/head-ends. Which can generate more revenue.
3. Channels can be controlled from anywhere with internet, and from multiple devices (Windows, Linux, Android, IOS).
4. Network providers can launch a channel in the cloud.  Again, a fraction of the cost to launch a channel with traditional hardware and satellite video delivery.
5. Network providers can launch affiliate channels in the cloud. No need to send affiliates playout servers. Cost savings is tremendous.
6. Disaster recovery solution

These are just a few benefits.  The list goes on and on. You get all the below features for a small monthly fee!

Playout Features:

SD/HD (480i, 720p, 1080i, 1080p)
1 IP inputs
1 IP output to 1 remote site
1 Remote Desktop/Devices (PC, MAC, IPAD, Tablet, etc)
608/708 CC support – Live and File sources
Live playlist advancing in real-time w/ program monitoring.
Confidence Multi-viewer for input, program, and output feeds.
Playlist management w/ Traffic file import<br >Multichannel playlist management.
EAS (DVS-168) - Send EAS alerts to the cloud for automatic or manual insertion.
PSIP - Pull in PSIP logs and insert data into transport stream.
Muxing - Combine multiple channels into 1 transport stream.  
Standard Muxing or Statistical Muxing available.
As-run output file for traffic recon.
CG Graphics – Logo, animated graphic import, pip, multilayer
Clip segmenting
Generate or receive trigger tones on secondary audio channels
500GB local playout storage – Auto transfer from FTP storage w/ auto delete of non-playlist files when space is needed.  Additional storage available for fee.
500GB FTP cloud storage folder.  Auto sync from client site to FTP. Additional storage available for fee.

Cloud Add-ons:

IP cloud schedule record channel.
Audio Loudness Processing.
Time Delay
Cloud files transcoding.
Additional IP input(s).
Additional remote delivery site(s).
Additional local playout storage.
Additional cloud ftp storage.
Additional Remote Desktop/Device.
Simultaneous output for internet streaming. Example: Multiplex Cloud can distribute the internet stream or Multiplex Cloud to online distributor(s) (Roku, Livestream, Ustream, Justin, etc).