Ayiti-TV wanted to start create TV channels that could be delivered to a satellite uplink facility.  This was no problem for Multiplex Cloud.  We provide the Cloud playout channels and the IP delivery they needed for a low monthly fee.  They are able to monitor and manage their playlists remotely, just as if the servers were onsite.


Media Vista Hybrid Cloud System

Media Vista needed a way to move playout for KUKC HD and WUMN HD stations in house.  However they also needed to get these HD signals from their master control site in Naples, FL to both Kansas City, Kansas, and and Minneapolis, MN.  Multiplex Cloud was able to provide everything they needed, and helped them every step of the way.


CAN TV Chicago

CAN TV is an independent nonprofit established by the City of Chicago in 1983 as the public’s space on cable television free of commercials, filters, and censors. They deliver 5 local channel built with media from local diverse talent.  It had been many years since their last system overhaul, and they were looking for a system that was reliable, easy to learn/use, would streamline their workflow, and was future proof.  They tested many vendor products, and realized Multiplex Cloud could provide them with all these things and more, and at cost point well below the other vendors.