Multiplex Cloud now delivers to over 200 OTA transmitter sites across the USA! All done over the public internet.

Multiplex Cloud becomes one of the largest, if not the largest companies to deliver broadcast TV channels to transmitters across the USA.  Multiplex Cloud now delivers over 500 channels to over 200 transmitter sites across the USA.  All via the public internet.

NowTV Network transport signal through Multiplex Cloud

NowTV network uses Multiplex Cloud to delivery their network signal to multiple cable headends via Multiplex Cloud's IP transport platform.

Marquee Broadcasting

Marquee Broadcasting selects Multiplex Cloud to distribute their KRBK signal to remote transmitter site!

The Now Network

The Now Network selects Multiplex Cloud to distribute their network to multiple head-end sites across the USA!

Accessible Media Inc. Disaster Recover Cloud Playout System

Accessible Media Inc. selects Multiplex Cloud as its HD Cloud Playout/IP Delivery Disaster Recovery Service (DRS) provider.