KLON/MYTV Delivery Workflow

After talking to a couple of cable providers, we realized a few of them had the same need.  It was the need to get a reliable feed from KLON/MYTV.  Working with the station we were able to get a Multiplex appliance to their site, IP circuit installed, and the HD/SD mux stream into our cloud within 10 days.  A few days later the cable head-ends were receiving the full ASI transport stream at their sites. The best part about this kind of workflow for the cable head-ends was, the more clients we signed up, the more savings they all saw. We also did all the leg work with working with the station engineer(s), getting the circuit installed, remote setup with plug and go hardware, and providing a solution that is monitored by us 24/7.  Go ahead and name another IP video delivery service company doing that.